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Shaman Stones is a portal offering meditative music (eventually, any day now) and written works as tools of transformation expanding on personal journeying, de-stressing after a busy day.

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Here is a snippet from the book Ive been working on, contributed Jan 1 2006, re-entries Aug 07...

Secrets, Secret Knowledge or simply 'Things Too Obvious To Notice' what is all the fuss around alternative therapies transformational science?

Excerpted from

'A Book of Energy By MD Fairchild 'A Wholistic Source Reference Guide to Mind Body Medicine in the 21st Century'

Key words: new learning, Tai chi, experiential work, low impact exercise, wholistic self care, care of the soul, deep ecology, mind body medicine, psychobiology, successful aging, energetic expression, video instruction, subtle energy, life affirming acts, balance training, bio-field stimulation...

Offering up some inspired quotes:

Alternatives are not as much about results as it is the journey. (Author unknown)

Whats behind us and whats in front of us are nothing compared to whats within us' Author unknown

Evolution takes place at just the speed we want. (Leo Green)

Words I have loath anything else to express myself with, I use words to express the inexpressible. (William Shakespeare)

Fundamental to biology is simplicity at one level leads to more complexity at another level, just so with energy development. (Author unknown)

Experiencing scientific consciousness studies' (Author unknown)

Moving mentally through a synesthetic landscape. (some genius said that...)

'Contact with eternity is in the present moment mediated by thought it is a matter of attention. (David Bohm)

Simply put knowledge corresponds to the past it is technology, wisdom is the future it is philosophy and peoples hearts that move the age. (Pharoah Sanders)

I tried to contain myself but I escaped. (Wat?)

There is no us or them, only Weeeeee!

(Christmas Humphries)


Here lives a fresh look at alternative health care approaches theyre uses benefits and the personal power people find when contacting a deeper self on the edge of discovery. The authors shared insights program notes circumspect information arriving from his experience and background as a wholistic therapist educator, student spanning three decades.

A collection of scientific studies contemporary thought anecdotes, observations on practical down to earth skills building and lighthearted humor can be found in the following pages. The information arrives from an intensive exploration of healing arts the author has spent years with absorbing research by observation, osmosis and inner dialog. I did not begin as a 'converted believer' however more an interested questioning teenager who found pleasant surprises waiting with new exploration. Immediately, during my first Tai chi practice session and at various times over the years it became apparent these arts hid a diverse code of energetic expression, powerfully encouraging the unfolding of the individual. When starting out to write about Tai chi simply wanted to describe what such an experience might unearth for others, not fully appreciating the deepening implications unique mind body sciences offer today`s world, the solid research that had begun to spill out in support my new practice. What I did know was this: Experiences with the art and its antecedents meditations of various sort helped in the overcoming of pain and troubles while simultaneously paralleling childhood meanderings with synchronicity, unpolluted realms we adults often conveniently relegate to loss of innocence and 'growing pains?.

Within the mainstays of personal exploration, prevention and elite sports training many people have expressed how alternative complimentary exercise methods allow tapping into edifying 'transformations'. While the mass of individuals may seek only better physical functioning or a more healthy appearance the broader landscape of mind body healing opens onto a large landscape for those who look beyond the first page. Ideas of transformation offer more a flourishing of mind body energy accomplished in quiet and calm. Felt changes occur via gentle ranges of motion breaths open expansiveness, auric light work self refferal soul power taking various forms. Energy exercises 'meditations in motion' like tai chi suggest to 'work out smarter not harder' the material presents unique cross training programs fun dynamic provocative easy enlivening self-care. Via bodily tasks and enactive metaphor energy exercise work to build the individual thus opening further inquiry into the widening story of how we learn. Apart from chasing butterflies advances we partake look to nature for cues a host of adventure, the power to access some innate ability, utility. Sciences like advanced neurobiology for instance now ask important questions like; how do the thoughts we think influence the way we feel and or potentially, create new cells?

The author has offered tai-ji (tai chi) classes and participated in the arts expression for over thirty years, reaching out through hospital wellness centers conferences large and small groups. Some of these experiences are reiterated in latter pages. Today the weighty outpouring of info on transformational arts strongly illustrates the now acknowledged powers new / old health sciences offer. Well-recognized advantages human potential arts like Tai chi bring happen via some working experiential path. Doctors know for example emotional intelligence strongly relates to degrees of control a person has over theyre own blood pressure and that gentle Tai chi focusing on relaxation can offer support in possibly several regards. In this experiential means one can 'achieve through not knowing' or, trusting in the wisdom of the body a regular platform for elite athelites and those trained in mind body therapies, interfaces like Tai chi. Balance can improve and better confidence gained through decompression of spinal disks owing dimished pain signal from gentle non force moves and or stancework. Not only good for the spine the art is used to address stroke in Asia and shows promise in several other areas like addressing regional leg pain syndrome, anxiety, depression the list continues to grow.

Avoiding the panacea problem alternatives when examined using lean science models often appear to physicians bio mechanical and stress reducing compliments that are useful to patients. Alternatives encourage self service as self efficacy where at the outset under some arts steady sway good things happen getting good energy apart from the noisiness of life. This admits emotions harmonizing to not just physical stibility and so complimenting a lone bio-mechanical model. Feeling kmore balanced emotionally can add to physical stabilization is a well received aspect of Tai chi trianing. Underlining the importance of such shifts a potent revolution in thinking and feeling is underway affecting peoples lives and health. Part of the wider picture alternatives suggest, weather its healing people seek or simply feeling more energised some new tack might actually enable discharging some condition hidden malady somehow averted or influenced maybe even before its very existence comes into view? Avoiding the notion of an impossible 'herding cats' the idea of transformers required adds to not leaches energy from this important discourse. Alternatives open discovery happens in honor of our shared ancestry a unique 'energy essence' something that cannot be forced only hinted its essence is subtle, its function great. We experience such worlds when we give ourselves solid permission to enter spheres of deepening mind body inquiry bringing more aliveness via wholesome natural acts. When this happens apart from blindsided cheerleading and or 'group think' a personal revolution is at hand, the notion of resonance a discovered moment in time no one can predict but adherents regularly experience.

Just when you thought you didnt know everthing, here are some of what I consider very important findings indirect?) quotes/ info by leading edge experts commenting on the braod scale of alternatives effects.

"Increases in theta brain waves indicate the state just prior to sleep. Meditators enter this phase of brain activity without actual sleep brain wave patterns. Increased theta deactivates the part of the brain taking in sensory cues, the prefrontal cortex & parietal lobe blocking causes the relaxation of vigilance normally there for keeping track of time and space, boundaries'.

Dr Greg Jacobs Harvard Med school..

"Meditative tradition (blithely) states we all suffer from some sort of ADD, we just donít recognize it unless theres a punch line at the end of the sentence attention may not be. Meditators by contrast are able to control theyre own psychological states via, attention fielding, brain wave shifts'.

Roger Walsh University of California at Irvine.

(During meditation) Brain activity shifts in the prefrontal cortex, from the right to the left signals right brain dominance lessening, while left brain dominance increases. Left brained people tend to have more interests and enthusiasms.

Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

"According to intensive research it is well known that several amino acids neurotransmitters, (in brain chemicals) are reduced in the brain by alcohol. Among these are dopamine(=reward) serotonin(=sleep) GABA (=anxiety relief) norepinephrine (=anti-depression) as well as enkephalins (in-brain opiates = intense relaxation). Thus with acupuncture (and intensive chi gong meditation, it is surmised this occurs via a more broadcast reaction) one develops specialized strategies for nicotine, cocaine or alcohol addictions each form of addiction affects a different part of the brain reward cascade system'. Each set of acupoints produces a different beneficial effect'.

AAAOM newletter Kaltsas, Blum AAC update 95..

"Gaba (gamma amino butyric acid) filters out in brain noise and while higher thought declines with age, simultaneously so do levels of Gaba. As this happens neurons may fire at random without enough GABA, adding the neurotransmitter puts neurons back on line. Benzodiazepines like valium increase GABA (and) a full stomach causes secretion of benzodiazepine like compounds (and thus) GABA.'

Audie Leventhal.

"Chi kung (Qi gong) reduces the level of neuroticism increasing extraversion, with significant decreases in neuroticism owing to the number of years practiced.'

Y. Leung York University Toronto.

"Neuronal migration happens when cells recognize neighboring cells in effect learning to learn, you can increase the thickness and electrical connection in neurons through specific mental and physical trainings, i.e. use it or loose ití.

Susan Mc Connell Stanford University 2002

Cranial sacral therapy functions more powerfully that heavy handed deep tissue massage for example by paying homage to a 'subtle energy directive'. By adhering to a 'less is more golden mein' the notion is shored up by principals like the "Shultz rule' which states; 'small stimulation enhances physiologic function large stimulation inhibits', similar to homeopathy treating with substances too small to be measured but nontheless often having far reaching effect. Powerfully;

"Cranial sacral therapy helps clear Beta amyloid plaque is formed by the metabolic processes of re-absorption and dissolution involved with cell changes / breakdown'.

John Upledger

Entrainment and the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse. "Entrainment is described as the integration or harmonization of oscillators. Frequency selective entrainment is the state of multiple oscillators finding harmony together, for example the heart rhythm in resonant frequency with autonomic nervous responses (evidences such relationships). (This suggests) A dominant frequency pattern between biological systems, those that talk to each other via sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system components'.

John M Mcpartland, Eric A Mein Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Jan 1997 p 40.

Cranial notes;

The various qualities cranial rhythms offer are amplitude, rate, symmetry, morphology, peculiar miscellaneaous particulars, elastic changes offer 'density with movement'. Therapist 'active body listening' means discernment and recognition of objective findings where techniques point out self-corrections. There are over 200 studies supporting the cranial rhythm effect. Cranial can treat idiopathic hydroencephalitis, tumors blocking fluid exchange however may not respond to this therapy (treat from a distance with energy) for scoliosis move body into favorable position several times when treating. cranial addresses symptoms of depression via changes in over-all body sensation relieving stress, though not a 'treatment for depression'.

Richard Royster.

Michigan State university had 22 Phd`s and 12 MD`s in the 1970`s corellating information which important authors used in explaining cranial sacral`s effects..

Books, references.

Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy by Don Shultz North Atlantic books 1995 isbn i-56643-1843x.

Viola Fryman osteopath measured calibrated cranial bones motion..

Even with this heady science though its useful and supportive alternatives inclusion into medicne the fact remains:

'The experiential realm exists for the self apart from issues of how institutions form criteria around self-knowledge'. Author unknown

'The speed of thought' or 'miracles of the everyday' living life with a sense of verve adds energy.

Levity defies gravity!!!

Its been said one should write that which one knows. It is in the spirit of open sharing I make this presentation however not without its flaws meanderings and somewhat un-chiseled structure. Outlining part of our story an enlightened golf pro /urban saint once said; 'Its easy to take a simple subject and make it overly complicated" (John Sutter, PGA) . Just how profoundly this statement underscores 'the depths of the marsh' may not be immediately apparent to inquiring minds, more easily recognised by regulars and scientists studying alternatives effects. This ties in with ideas surrounding intention equations yet more closely adhering to the coherent attention model. Either way, descriptively assigning what a good golf swing feels like or the gifted sense of energized effortlessness arriving from advancing Tai chi adds emotional depth and body intelligence to the bio-sciences. Such serendipitous events do not however insure a person will be moved towards calculated defining of such moments, the discovery of ones own unique energy essence'.

Tai chi functions through a salient mind leaves the body perspective freeing body mind all at once though keeping up energy and focus an apparent paradox. Rooting to the ground means feeling grounded as in solid physical stabilization yet possessing freedom of movement and being able to move about in any direction unencumbered having certain parameters of body motion. Suggestions like hands never reaching beyond toes or above the head, shoulders down and relaxed (hollow chest) follow physical therapy guidelines for rehab by keeping to the golden mean of non extremes. Salient advise regarding body motion and mindful application light but not floating, solid but not dull request we keep the feeling of lightness to all body presentation without awkwardness or stiff selfconscious 'chest out' or dragging about. Round and empty light and full ideals work to build the notions of 'working it with energy' not force circular body motions being good for joint surfaces. Avoiding dull insensitivity or overdoing admits dispelling unaware mind states through imagination and focus. Becoming more and more in ones body means overcoming any feeling of 'absent body' depressive states can invite and so a kind of self-correction we ourselves inspire.

Maybe its through our own desire for better understanding some of us are called to describe difficult or challenging things yet, some say incessant occurrence like the movement of atoms and molecules maybe best served through simile and abstract thinking. Brownian motion do-wop' it`s in the spirit of open eyed exploration the study and concrete implementation of alternatives materialize. Practical and down to earth 'ease and energy together' emerge enact-ive concepts in motion having the power to tap us into untold energy existing between mind body and universe. In this the legendary Tai chi art can help with new discovery committing one to life and its subtle co-instigator life force energy the un-patent-able 'non-thing' that underlies and fuels every action in the world around us. As a practical measure Tai chi as self care is used to combat the effects of aging being good for balance, recommended for counteracting the effects of head injury, high blood pressure (non-essential hypertension) and as a stroke preventive in clinics. Drawing from many people`s experience over thousands of years time arrive the use of predictable and supportive advances promoting PEP human energy ideals. Mining PEP a personal energy protocol suggests joy in movement and various paths helping us discover the original energy one was born with. The way this might occur are endless happening when a person merely 'thinks energy' for example connecting us to this power and so inviting healthy r-evolutions in the ways we care for ourselves and relate to our bodies. Energy exercises like Tai Chi and various chi gong exercises emerge comprehensive meditations in motion (or meditations simple sitting, apparently still) when some dynamism alacrity a gazelle like sensibility appear outside a poverty of imagination, while mind stays quiet.

What arts like Tai chi propose is the marriage of emotional intelligence with body wise choice. As complex interactions within our bodies (especially of interest are those involving stress) come closer to balance this is facilitated by simplicity in our actions which then brings further evolution. After 'simplicity' in Tai chi something else happens. Easy to do exercise approaches we indulge slowly and eventually build to become more complex. In this they mirror our own bodies complexity and so healthily bestow power in ways we could only dream of when starting out. This affirms natures authority which says that transformation lives inside everything, everyone. Part of story emerges from studies showing new wiring being built within the brain (new interneuronal connections) arriving from the new activities we undertake(S.Mcconnell). Comparing notes the emotions role in determining the expression of our most basic blueprint DNA, emerges to powerfully tying together an important narrative: ?When a person experiences good feelings happy emotions theyre DNA has literally been recorded as lengthening and extending, conversely when that same individual experiences negative feelings theyre DNA appears to constrict contract and lose some of its functionality.' (G.Braden). While Tai chi is very often not taught as having an emotional face Tai chi done with feeling can excite release from pain and problems by adjusting ones emotional content. Research shows Tai chi having a positive effect on emotional well being and the tendencey towards mood swing, fewer falling accidents in the aged echoing the previous DNA factoid it seems at in-brain cellular levels.

From Ideologue to Pragmatist

Wholistic arts arise under the CAM umbrella a synonym for 'Complimentary Alternative Medicine. The idea of a compliment that edifies and strengthens us proposes psychosocial medicine' today a recognizable palpable element of manifold design. According to those who study and implement alternatives like Tai chi and its stylized energy exercises they have the power to heal us as well open us up to unique insights and quiet strengths. Found serendipitously low impact paths observe a culture of thrift honoring our bodies energy using intelligent non-force paths. Down to earth ideals built around an energy economy strongly fuel alternative exercise programs usually understood within engineering and 'sustainability' equations. Differing somewhat when purposefully tapping into newfound stamina our vestigial innate defenses are built and new skills emerge, from within. Seeming paradoxes the energy economy plot suggests ways for accessing peak energy using the least amount of effort. Those healthy balanced acts that simultaneously reduce physical weight and drag add to the unique library of human adaptation an elite yet accessible 'everyone is welcome? sport science.

In modern harried culture its slowly becoming accepted how discovery based cross trainings are emotionally stress reducing adding to sightings for gently stimulating healthier life force energy. Searching out diverse self health care options opens ones view onto a wider avenue. Those that feed us at a fundamental level are helpful to consider. How in the pink lifestyle choices might act on our behalf happens via timeless motions. Opposite this being overwhelmed means a lack of clarity and access to practical resources. A 'blocked off' scenario usually suggests lacking awareness of new knowledge and so, presenting a false selection for those sincerely wishing to improve and better sustain theyre life force energy. Beyond warrentless concern what if simple exercises in awareness could change the face of medicine by initiating powerful in body brain chemistry changes? Scientists now known that chemicals like GABA and cortisol / others can be affected by activities like meditation. The implications suggest a rethinking of the usual approach to addressing ills through the exclusive use of potentially dangerous medications that may have untold side effects. The fact these arts are already on the radar is evident when looking at theyre extensive use in the last 15 years at hosiptal wellness centers, clinics and teaching institutions the world over.

Chapters one and two of this book take the reader on a journey into the inner workings of Tai chi gong, meditation science creative play insightful imaginings. The reading / video adventure opens windows launching ideas on subtle paths for healthily developing our own hidden abilities in the care of ourselves and our kind. Chapter three covers more of the transformation equation offering pure ingots speaking the science behind the multi- facetted mystery. Chapters four five and six delve further into the unfolding stories of our bodies ineffable life force energy, more earth-moving discovery windows on practical self care using in-depth means and methods. A section on massage subtle touch as well non touch methods plus a helpful foliage guide appear in their respective reports.

Transformational health sciences work via moments of gently stimulating electrified body motion new feeling bringing strength and tissue building. Using Tai chi and like expression these exist as those healthy reminders helping one recall forgotten aspects of the self bringing skills, acquiring new strengths via the discovery of ones own powerful s-elf. For those who exercise energy regularly such methods go way beyond simple distractions buzz word-itis or, the knack for swimming gracefully on dry land. Through powerful experiences many people remark on the arts oft positive effects both of a modest sort or earth shattering variety waiting to be uncovered and built upon.

Visions of whats positive occur for some needing no convincing of the fact or busy scientific analysis reinforcing naturally intuited understanding. In this holistic sciences are patently positive and enduringly open ended while the various sciences observe nature from theyre own related tack. Bio- mechanics and psychology when combined portend psycho-biology. Apparent on the surface this combined phrase suggests how positive emotions can support physical health and go on to describe how various 'inhibitions' exist as kinds of unconscious self-protection many of us carry around, part of who we are? That these inhibitions if unhealthy then grow into skewed emotional perspectives eventually affecting body offers mind body at the root of our experiential being, or not! Apart from psycho-babble in energy arts the reanimated sense of the word 'inhibition' can change to imply consciously inhibiting or relaxing muscles normally unconscious tension and or laxity via awareness rich activities. Such shifts take one beyond limiting mind bodily equations towards mindful serendipitous discovery. It may simply be good posture averting some effect of poor bio-mechanics and or beyond, how other meaningful synchronicity fuels 'connection'. Thinking a happy thought a gentle wind immediately blowing on ones face pleasantly reconnects one to our amazing world via, inner spiritual potential. Accepting the first part woven into the discussion are the facts supporting various held mental perspectives being fuel for emotions? positive or active stumbling blocks, related to body habit and or waning awareness. Learning muscle control techniques offers a real time kind of 'inhibition awareness' where shifting body signals like muscle tension lessening can fuel personal growth from reduced pain signals thus, bringing new worlds of discovery.

Attention is not the product of thought uncluttered and unattached is the free silent mind with no movement of thought. Author unknown

Adding to the body politic surrounding holistic excursions energy fitness emerges 'new knowledge of self'. Powerfully shouting out loud today are those energetic expressions of life only guessed at 50 years ago, the fact opens onto a world of advancing complexity. This occurs topically as intelligent design advocates offer up a panorama of accepted human energy equations. Codes of wellness on the mythic edge appear as live in concert some say in contrast empirical sciences blinding fast paced development. Many question for instance how dolphins emitting healing sonar on the order of AM radio, stories of spontaneous remission from chronic dis-ease, Reiki light fit in with customary ?his-story and present science. While laying on hands is experiencing a huge rebirth looking to nature, platypus bills sense minute electrical changes enabling underwater successful food searches? begins to describe deepening realms where the disatinctions between natures many successes appear less(discovery). Natural energy arts in some way similarly 'will' that people sense themselves more capable just like happy dolphins whales and rumbling elephants. Well-known no or low cost alternatives offer healthy life change formula anyone can do anywhere anytime without detection.

The notion of an intelligence existing behind the formation of all matter exposes the simple truths alternatives deftly impart.

Techniques mentioned in this book offer special effects demonstrated by numerous double blind studies and thousands of testimonials over the past 30 years. When looking carefully the intelligent universe' discussion emerges as part of the energy exercise equation. This occurs owing the fact so many scientists have remarked how our cosmos is much more than a random set of events taking place before our eyes, over which we hold no control?. The real power of the noodle emerges that human agency that so often in the past went unaccounted for is clarified, when ordinary individuals step forward to share profound moving stories speaking personal health successes. According to many modern physicians intensive experimentation into alternative methods prove the previously unsuspected value say scores of experts the world over. With regular exercise a profound truth emerges in reflection adding to inner worlds of our bodies numerous parts living in stronger more supportive relationships to each other when regularly indulging healthy natural acts. Better body feeling offers echoes these choices kinds ?inner reality structure programming healthy messages from the positive steps we take on our own behalf. Healing can happen faster when working alternatives stimulate our own body systems to generate epi-phenomena at the sub-atomic realm functioning at the level of energy, cell vibration and thought.

I had a dream where I dreamed I was a butterfly upon awakening I was myself a man, then I reflected was I a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I was a man? Chuan Tzu 500 BC

Healthily, energy exercises like Tai chi bring more than perplexing analogies when real health success stories quietly yell the bodies unique powers. Good for balance, high blood pressure the list seems nearly endless(3Si) even with all the science backing up such claims merry assertion says direct experience serves one better. The numerous implications a genuine look-see offers may appear fantastical when examining reports on the ways we can strengthen ourselves to be more self-reliant and resistant via, various subtle means. The truth of this adds to the story of our kind and so opens up worlds upon worlds of 'nature' stories. These days exposed in numerous accounts bio inspiration and bio-synchronicity' flow forth from nature and intention based arts and sciences. Where science strongly speaks in favor our new paths of discovery its noted aberrant or mutated genes that are responsible for birth defects are the same genes that when affected in a beneficial way are believed to be those altered at some point enabling evolutionary advances, those unique aspects of the brain that underlie higher cognitive abilities. What this seems to suggest is how some shift may work to build us in ways we cannot know at first. Adding our copartners in creation to the picture, many animals demonstrate complex abilities the facility to diversely transform. Psychic pets or complex adaptations (Sheldrake) such occurrences appear to happen historically throughout time a flowering of our natural world journaling the illustrious library of mythic eventide. See animal powers, effects on page 155)

A chrysalis grows into a butterfly flies away and has experiences you and I cannot predict or, account for'. Author unknown

The similarity between the deepest wisdom and sheer idiocy is that neither cares what the world thinks of them'. Dhammapada

What is right and what is wrong in an ocean of joy'? Buddha Bar

The evidencing of how transformation or bio-inspiration can function in our service is an ever-increasing one. For we human beings the very notions of transformation are set to directly question what our own self-nature positively has in store for us. Holistic sciences tell us that when we agree to explore natures own insights without fear and negativity there emerges a widening world of healthy discovery. Holistic sciences push these facts to the surface as felt experiences we ourselves can have. Individuals in search of health infusing routines use advances that are simple to complex or, varied in approach. These have the power to foster emotional stability physical grace and many unsuspected benefits using subtle cues. Adding the knack for personal power body energy value`s shifting occurs through engaging enlightened body motion options. With complex world events as a backdrop living today almost demands that complex minds possess the capacity for experiencing more than one feeling and focus at a time. Position timing and mind will focused Energy arts like Tai chi offer ways to sensitivity tap into adjusting for diverse station with simple shifts in mind and body. This workbook embraces five basic models for jump-starting healthy life force energy experiential paths offering numerous practical benefits. The basic foundations fun energy exercise offer (are not limited to):

1.Meditation science a value based non-entity.

2.'Mind in body' kinesthetic`s move it easy.

3.Intuitive body motion interfacing, swimmingly!

4.Bio-sounding (no flabby tubas sound?)

5.Self-applied therapeutics give your self a hand'.

Strongly echoed by our bodies unconscious potential towards strength and healing are those traditional paths people embark upon, these help us make sense out of natures complex chaos factors. Searching places in this book and through timely self-discovery one can uncover details of the subtleties an unfolding universe of common ground ideas. The best way to make use of the information found here is to read a few pages then and or) simply follow along with the DVD / video provided. The gentle exercises provided allow for obtaining real advantages instead of becoming bogged down with too much 'upstairs' data or the 'nothing other than' hard sports normative convention offer, its potential for overdoing.

Preserving the housing of the soul admits energy arts / meditations profound historically recognized influence upon the body, meditation opening the gates of perception and beyond the doors to physical health. When meditating one enters the unbounded state a delightful inner world is there just maybe the place of quiescent illumination. By maintaining states of inner repose over time or with immediacy ones health can improve as nervous system impulses move towards 'teaching phases' of relative balance, deeper self-knowledge and coherence through quiet self study. The ancient practice of meditation provides strong evidence of the natural inclination to invite the real self to shine through, a place where one can perhaps more clearly perceive others. Even temporarily being transported outside the critical mind for a moment one is remade in a new image of our s-elves.

'The unbounded experience of oneself activates and integrates the whole brain'. Arelek Arenander

Simply put, open-ended meditations allow one to perceive the self clearly without the covering over and critical disparaging of heavy thought'.

Dont Just 'Do Something', Sit There

Under heavenly rains of healthy info-sharing critics complain alternatives demonstrate the 'plethora problem' exhibit mindless compulsion, sublimated Eros or worse off illogical inane exercises in self-absorption. Timeless mind-essence alternatives may then appear robust or simply remain hidden within the language of a remote period. Eros is one example simply translating to 'connection in reflection' underscoring the lanquage disparities one needs to become aware of in order to navigate the sea of meaning. Part of the problem with gaining real insight into alternative worlds is that when its not overt physical acts like martial arts or stretched sweating bodies were looking at. Answering this effortless effort approaches speak theyre own truth that of a quality and caring of a gentle intuitive sensitive sort inviting a renewed sense of self. Evocative expression emerge with deep yet balanced mind body states appear to broadly stimulate the immune response possibly owing to better cellulra intercommunication. Here exists a place for taking the individual beyond narrow ideological prisms of well-meaning yet perhapsoft cold convention. The drift reflects age-old human values; if it hurts we cradle it if a baby cries we softly sing'or the cross crawl pattern of infants moving about and Tai chi mimicking this offers root syllables of a broader human energy equation. Adding to the library of focuses the evidence for healthy touch being an immune stimulating agent is well known.

Discovery based routes are backed up by reports examining humanities innate ability to heal recalled here. As humankind advances so does technology remarkably some say we are all so capable. When a youngster I remember seeing a 'science fiction' movie where beings from space preformed laser surgery and there was no bleeding at all with immediate recovery. At this present time low level laser light therapy has cured people of carpal tunnel syndrome and other more serious malady. Science facts 'laser doppler flow meter measures blood flow through skin, argon diode eximer and YAG are all lasers used in the treatment of dis-ease shrinking tumors reducing infections unblocking clogged arteries cutting cauterizing, healing and tissue repair cervical intraepithelial neoplasma, some forms of endometrial ablation' (Boston College Dept of Neuroscience School of Medicine 5). Lasers restored resonant cell energy slowed sensory nerve production, stimulated phagocytotic activity in neutrophilic leukocytes' (increased immune response) (Wowapi). Echoing the scenario of high tech light science energy play ancient healing traditions earnestly ask can we do the same with just our hands hearts and minds alone? Can we trust the universe and natures own intelligence to heal us?

We are what we think having become what we thought'. Buddha 500 bc.

The problems we create today cannot be solved with the same mind used to create them'. Albert Einstien.

Alternatives look after science exposing nature offering new insights shedding light on traditionally held notions, lauded routes to health and well-beings. When looking carefully informational channels help preserve the analytical integrity needed to examine and so implement new / old ideas on a grand scale. Yet, its been said before energy arts like Tai chi operate from an intensely personal angle.

The transformation equation is more about how we process our experiences beyond a pure systems approach and analysis'. Author unknown

'Deaf dumb blind without accoutrements beyond adjustments to potentialities'. Blue Cliff Record

Depth psychology offers that some of us are visually oriented some are auditory and others are by nature kinesthetic, learning by touch. Being that we are all a mixture of these and others alternatives smartly adjust to personal differences with variation in technique and approach. In concert many physicians today see correlation between emotional affectations and dis-ease. Sometimes distinctions can be drawn for example between individuals who tend towards anger and the incidence of stroke. However to say all people who get angry will suffer that fate is wrong and shortsighted, still researchers are looking. In Parkinsons for example personality type seems to play a role; the 'go getter', strict disciplinarians, people who never touch alcohol or tobacco seenm to be more at risk (Neurology, Nuerosugery and Psychiatry Feb 06). Medicine while looking for the causes may be missing something important though. What about body motion one of the most primitive functions of the human condition that might be overlooked when focusing only on substances and or, personality. Body language and habitus seems as fit candidates for study as it is known the part of the brain that secretes dopamine is also one dealing with ambulation. In the case for Tai chi stimulating the production of dopamine some evidence exists. See link;

Into stories of personal effect a part of the expanded human energy picture emerges as modern science makes great strides forward. Many suggest however this walk of fame if one relying exclusively on technological revue lacks the magic and mystery that makes life whole and truly enjoyable. Looking carefully at holistic arts and theyre supposed inverse relationship to high technology, there is little in the way of a bureau of energy efficiency standards at work either in holism or science and industry. Parallel reality check with holistic arts its only when acting on our own behalf through direct experience does some moment of discovery allow what 'works best' healthy energy forward. Certainly humankinds drive to understand our universe is promoted or thwarted by the tools we perceive as being available for study. Even while today tools for new learning appear almost limitless our look at the body can seem a cold calculation of whats under noses if merely a limitless array of fact and minutia non-scientists hardly nod towards. Holism adds in that, high tech tools of dissection and repair are not the only ones capable of enabling bio molecular advances and so, offering new worlds. Can we get there just as fast by paying attention to our own inner powerful selves? Well known energy exercises are legendary in this regards for the ways they allow people the experience of healing via wholesome rewarding moments in time acting to build our humanity, maybe not perceived otherwise. The perspective 'the body heals itself when we give it the tools it needs allows some intuitive understanding. The depths of statements like this however are not easily understood by mere paddling on the surface waters of investigation. Not to mention our obsession with medical science is on the other hand precluded by a distain for medicinal therapeutic thinking by very many healthy people. Dipping feet in the water imparts a flowing sesibility, one finds the truth of it conspicuously apart from removed detached observation.

Humanistic sciences that work with body energy historically emerge out of Daoist Yogic Dionysian reflection, multi-facetted branches of the same Earthy tree. Timeless wellness pacts reveal common threads expanding under the wider holistic paradigm of body mind learning. The list may appear endless and voluminous but can be reduced for our needs to; Diverse low impact tissue building exercise, breath work bio- sounding healing sounds internal arts, self applied laying on hands strengthening and building self efficacy, self realization. From simple ranges of motion exercises arrive compliments our bodies understand; light exertions excite body energy just enough, slowed down load bearing pylometrics (squatting down exercise coomon to Tai chi) build bone mass, limber stretching postures and specific tissue building ones help maintain energy flows using formatted and or creative movement / creative visualization helping unwind energize body and mind. While Tai chi 'like' (chi kung /qigong are considered the mother art to Tai chi, whereas 'Tai chi cha' is an art that uses Tai chi pricipals without many of its more complex movements) programs are employed to address high blood pressure stroke and bone loss they go on from there as subjects of research in gene expression, gerontology therapeutics self-efficacy science. Investigating thoroughly, modern applied holistic approaches like eye movement retraining (eye movement desensitization neuro-reprocessing) and measuring the cranial wave helping unify brain function physicians are now becoming more aware of. One of the paradigm shifts found across holistic science is the fact that a technique whcih appears as though designed for one thing can have another use and effect unforseen at first. Tai chi is one such complex avenue. Cranial work is another. In measuring the Cranial wave for example, people often express that they experience mild changes in consciousness. Beyond the realm of subjective experience powerful tools exist. It is now known 'Cranial-sacral therapy helps clear beta amyloid plaque formed by the metabolic processes of re-absorption and dissolution involved with trauma, cell changes and breakdown' (J.Upledger).

A good part of putting this workbook together was accomplished through experience, referencing and cataloging effects writing down the bones so to speak. It can be said avoiding stereotyping and characterizing holistic arts via theyre known physical effects is somewhat a predilection for this longtime adherent. Many modern writers and experts agree that attempting a narrow categorization of alternatives will almost certainly miss the deeper point of mind body sciences. Someone said; alternatives deeper value really are about just learning to play again, is there something more?

Zen Christians break bricks, animated mystics heal mortal and psychic wounds w` cartoons.

When a wise man hears of the Tao, he immediately embraces it, when a middling sort hears of the Tao, he half doubts, half believes, when a fool hears of the Tao he immediately laughs! If he didnt laugh, it wouldnt be the Tao. Lao Tzu 500 BC.

?Many wise men have lived since ancient times, and there they lie under the green hill! Chuan Tzu

At some point during our search we may become disillusioned with alternative recants especially those suggesting bestowed immortality. Many however are satisfied with moderate or stellar improvements in health. According to the vast array of studies there exist practices that have the power to offer special effects, cure and or improved performance to some areas of our lives. Quizzical quotes above appear lighter than thou derisive retort spiked with irony? How do they relate to our subject viewed in the eyes of a past ancient world? Does Chuan Tzu`s retort present a rye take on energy exercises less deserving? Are alternative exercise programs merely a kind of self-absorbed hypochondria-cle fiddling flights of fancy dreamed up by bored out of work philosophers or, is there something more?

Further into a chew what appears to outsiders 'strange practices' slowed down body motion exercise some 'Tai cheese' onlookers say; 'people doing Tai chi look as if they`re practicing for getting old'!' This hilarious observation is thankfully never true of high-level players, the 'flower brocade' stamp though funny misses the point. Stories of diminutive Tai chi experts easily tossing judo champions around (W.Lowenthal) may appear wanting depending upon what news circles one moves through. Prior to some mastery it is true most of us play a game of 'catch-up' when first involving ourselves with anything new. With arts like Tai chi this is a natural owing to the implicit notion everyone is a beginner with each new session. With every practice session weather longtime player or novice the conscious act represents the moment of personal unfolding exploring and not knowing.

'How lifelike those tai chi players appear! John Mancebo

In the last 20 years amidst great change holistic arts and sciences have emerged a leading force in medicine, offering diverse and oftentimes surprising systems of natural care and support. Alternative excursions materialize out of the past and present invention while his-story provides its own lesson for discussion. These stories of life are visible acts as natural as a sigh admitting our own his-story. Into a deeper picture of history 'his-story' as the cell memory of all entire species goes on to expose the earliest of humanities beginnings unsung codes of wellness. Here again critics cite partaking of alternatives open-ended conversations as tidily surrendering our powers of observation, others say a widening picture emerges for those who care to look. Into the water holistic codes suggest that when we invite meditative moments contemplative insights often emerge to provide answers beyond what any self-limiting or 'constructed' thought offers. Edison entering his fluidic medium' trances would do so in order to envision his next invention, a historical fact. Why are intuitive sciences so downplayed in conventional schooling? Sadly, even fourty years after science first admitted the power of meditation to help prevent malady some still question the value of inviting such ideas. Digging at what may be construed a paranoid backlash against some perceived populist daze related issues emerge where intelligent design is allowed into school curricula for example, some complain such ideas undermine evolutionary theory. Many decry 'education merging with religion masked as science' a theological rather than logic based thought creeps in says 'logic only' thinking.

Don`t be afraid, the clowns are afraid too'.

Remarkably an entryway for understanding emerges when looking not only at human kind but the study of nature and its creatures. The glance advances a widening journey one that embraces notions of resonance and vibration at the cell level. Re-member-ing our DNA STORY adds timeless understanding one that strongly includes awake energized engagement and following natures cues. What such notions ultimately advise; swimming like a fish needs no explanation for those experiencing pervasive lubricated living. Having a core of bubbly' someone said flotation isnt just about avoiding sinking'. A PEP embraced by individuals noting any effect allows healing steps taking one past the usual perceived self. Gentle shifts in feeling and perception help chronicle our progress in some way heroic dispassion puts all in perspective, building individuals.

The purity of thought lies not in thought itself more a widening sense of joy and contentment that is impossible to contain yet, speaks not of a container.

It is this so called 'unspoken' container so many chi kung treatises endlessly address). Alternately, 'the self is not a self, i.e. the experience-r is not an extant thing only in space time do we exist as solid entities owing to the apparatus of a perceived consciousness. Author unknown

?Therefore cling not to the body born of womb-man, have no thought for the morrow for the morrow is sufficient unto itself. Holy Bible

Culture Scores

Above we have some differing takes on the energy exercise equation from philosophical to apparent nihlist. In a flash appearing and disappearing those not interested in discerning but ignoring energetic schools lauded progresses may wish to reduce alternatives effects to some primitive blindsiding, less than exceptional Darwinian strategy for survival or mere psychobabble. In such a place alternatives true face might diminish in whats often perceived an 'in your face' constructive light. Even so, the evidence for holistic sciences successes definately say something about our ability to transform. My editors suggested initially focusing on all the frowny complexities surrounding alternatives as well the nay-sayer that lurks in order to dispense with what critics declare holisms impish wobbly uncertainty principals. In doing so one examines the reverse side of the coin along with the quantum extraordinary in a new light. Looking through the lens a humanistic science seems the best approach now happening on a grand scale. Certainly more studies are needed but the recognition of accumulated studies promoting these ideas so often appear bland self efficacy, self educational roles. While practicing energy exercises new strengths can be fostered all the while knowing that in strict scientific terms the neatly distanced view arranges for its own conditioned setting. Ie; it 'science or, I the observer' must remain separate and remote from the experiment as science is about observation never an observer created effect'. Certainly this approach keeps intact the aloof scientific model needed to build careful assessment protocols so useful in researching any science, even while echoing 'special councils' superiority in assessing miracles with severity. This seems especially true where alternatives delivery as new health care options must stand up to meet research protocol and or compete for market share. Either way delving into alternatives depths with energy exercises like Tai chi we ourselves merge experiment and experimenter together. Inner visioning capability and stamina can improve while the lines of demarcation needed for objective study might become blurred? Recognizing such places with intelligence openness and humor does not mean clinging to elaborate netherworlds, being overwhelmed walled off, but in balance allowing synchronicity and new discovery to flourish and build us up. Evoking healthy bodies and minds when some focus like simple gentle body motions or remembering how to breath naturally adds power and significance to our lives the unexpected good result often appears, a synchronicity.

Owing to present experimentation and widening implementation well-known and received energy techniques boost individuals skills energy and stamina across a broad spectrum of types. On this note potentate pundits well steeped in alternatives modes and methodologies query; 'Since meditation helps control blood pressure and heart function as we know it does do we really need another series of studies to prove its effects'? Focused lenses offer pictures on the nature vs nurture?'orbiting spheres of contemporary thought while keeping to logic. Looking carefully science now recognizes facts like 'the plenum temporale being the area of the brain that enlarges in those with perfect pitch' and the ?midbrain cross over as the communication site between immune and psyche'. For transformational mavens all such information exists a retelling effecting us to 'do what brings power'.

She`s a perfect pitch sings in all 5 keys.

Retaining an entirely open fun position always looks to laughter song singing, vibration. Energy exercises as 'alternative' doesn`t imply cave man disrespect or, latent primitivism but does suggest tingly edifying supportive nature stories we can discover. These expose bio inspiration as our shared relationship with the natural world via age-old disc discovery based arts. Shrimp acting as dentists for other creatures at 'underwater fish clinics' offer but one example of natures symbiotic relationships swirling about the natural world. No 'fish psychologist' in powerful ways we now know so many other complex relationships found in nature strongly fueled by bio synchronous events previously unrecognized by mainstream science.

Going past dogged Darwinian conclusions footed in limited struggle modes 'adaptive process' or, symbiosis on the other hand asks us to look at how natures species often work together not strictly in competition with one another. Science being invested in the full magnitude of such relationships is only now gaining speed. No matter, bio-synchronous events appear in nature with regularity vis a vis busy cleaner shrimps being but one example. Edifying natural acts common to our world offer powerful examples of other kinds inter-dimensional symbiosis in parallel when 'people in compassionate service helping others receive boosts in theyre own neurochemistry (serotonin) advances us beyond a so called 'reverse healer effect?. The story goes on to expose that 'not just those giving and receiving help incur benefit even those simply witnessing such moments receive equal benefit'(Dwyer).

Along with such powerful stories leaking out discovery based science and healing arts share that we can consciously reduce imbalances in neuro-chemicals linked to pain and depression. Clinging to rustic whine-sacs normative convention may overlook or attempt to reduce holistic self-efficacy techniques to canards cartoons. Does a culture war thrive on a survival versus self-expression challenge' as some suggest? With certainty, as we shall see throughout the pages of this book and elsewhere, nature so often suggests something different. Here its important to discuss the differences that exist between styles of being and so cultural contribution.

A careful searching out of holistic thought appears in regards all the ways we might fearfully shield ourselves from things we don`t understand and its animated copartner energized letting go. The look-see simply affords windows onto different styles of relating. In such a place complex worlds of human experience probabilistic-ally live on mostly unheard. Take your time with this work-book as it can present ideas unfamiliar or, so ordinary like old friends revisited. Using the compliment DVD / video one can practice gentle energy exercises that help fulfill changes as unique paths to self actualization the experiencing ones own ocean of being.

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The music available through this site was inspired from long years of toying with percussion instruments, playing with various groups in different venues. This particular CD was recorded during the summer of 2002. Representing the element of "Metal" the recording bears the sounds of chimes built from scrap metal, a steel drum tuned to the whole note scale bells, cymbals, found objects acquirred over time. Soon, I hope to include a sample of those sounds through this site.

Tools for Healing and Transformation

Beautiful crystal magnetic healing wands can be ordered by calling the number on main page. Wands are made by fusing dichroic glass over copper tubing with various types of crystals fastened at one end, having 2500 gauss rare earth magnets enclosed at the other.


More commonly, the term shaman stone" refers to a-morphic quartz a type of mineral formation that produces light flashes when two pieces are rubbed together, This is easily seen in total darkness. All quartz has piezo electrical potential or, potential for electrical impulse produced via mechanical stress, or visa versa. The backyard barbecue sparker works on this principal, mechanical friction produces the action when rubbed against a specially tuned quartz crystal, making it 'spark'.

Shaman stones amorphic quartz crystals are quartz pieces that are said to have formed during times of polar axis shifting. Actually a "record" of these times of great planetary change, recorded" as the aligned axis of crystals show confused direction of which way they were supposed to grow. The difference between clear quartz and amorphic quartz are illustrated as these "records of time", formed dependant on magnetic earth currents which are usually stable and so, producing perfectly aligned lattice. The exception are those grown during planetary upheaval, like polar axis shifting. Because of such Earth changes, Shaman Stones have 'confused' alignment of lattice structure, hence they appear opaque.

Rubbing together 2 Shaman Stones in near or, total darkness produces not only light, but ozone, the by-product of electrical generation. Larger doses of ozone is toxic to humans so, breath carefully (or, dont breath) when making crystal lights with your Shaman Stone set. Ozone forms a protective sunscreen layer around the earth, normally shielding us from harmful radiation and is toxic to bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Recent studies have shown the "ozone hole", first discovered in 1976, as roughly the size of New Jersey now covers most of Antarctica, the largest ever on record. Poor fossil fuel regulation, volcanoes, industrial emmisions, polluting practices are largely responsible for ozone depletion, some say too late to stop unless we act now, by reducing greenhouse gasses.