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Circling hands or lion rolling the energy ball' (see narrative below), the pages attached to this site offer a wholistic info guide existing for awakening inner potential fun bio-physics new learning, self care for body mind spirit. To listen to my meditation music CD after entering site please scroll down to page titled 'Shaman Stones'. Blessings!!!

Rolling the energy ball is one of many variations under the Energy Exercise umbrella. This one can vary and expand to tracing elliptical circles on each side of the body where the felt sense of moving energy can occur the sense of 'being moved by the force' as well a felt sense of 'something' between the hands can happen when tapping into sensitivity in regards ones own aura using proper body energy and focus together. The rolling the ball exercise can change from whats presented in the video to endless expressions of body motion gently mobilizing the upper body while standing stationary or traveling forward. Another common version involves more of a side to side scooping motion evocative of 'cloud hands' exercise seen in Tai chi forms. Standing stationary a somewhat elliptic circling scoops energy up on one side while circumducting and tracing the energy ball from the opposite presentation. The feeling of energy between the hands can be sensed when pressing the hands closer together and not chasing the feeling or self doubting. This is a everyday experience for Reiki practitioners energy workers and healers however skeptical 'physiology only' based thought / exercise says this is simply the experience of sensing counteracting muscular forces (agonist / antagonist lever arm or neuro-muscle feed back loops") giving the feeling of 'something there' between the palms. Like someone once said, 'just because you cant see it doesnt mean its not there' only begins to plumb the wide disparity between open learning modes and skeptical empirical backlash. Oh well so much for trying to convince about anything. Here the notion 'feeling is believing takes precedence. In further structured practice the art employs diagonal open forward stepping whole body smooth and circular joint lubricating fun.

Emerging from indigenous expression dance evocative body motion and intuitive healing chi kung presents a long and illustrious history. Cave paintings from 4500 years ago for example show people moving in soft flowing motions exactly like people practicing the art today. Owing to a rich and expanding record of use Chi kung offers rewards and benefits for those who regularly partake of its nourishing elements. Reflecting nature the art evokes like qualities in its presentation and deftly goes into the 'nature as nurturer' equivocation with smooth and watery quiet energized yet controlled movement. The non linear body motion is often described being unconsciously nourishing to body mind, something that didnt escape early Taoists wanting to become more like nature herself. During times of great flooding people were told to 'move with the mind of their oppressor', directing attention towards soft flowing water like movements what could be described a prescriptive designed for countering 'moisture invasion pathogen bringing on rheumatism' emerged from early indigenous medicine. Strategies like this are now more and more becoming recognized as intelligent self-programming.

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