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Metal Meditations music trac~~~~~

I find these quotes to be good reading while listening, being breath-ing...

Alternatives are not as much about results as it is the journey. Author unknown

Whats behind us and whats in front of us are nothing compared to whats within us' Author unknown

Evolution takes place at just the speed we want. Leo Green

Words I have loath anything else to express myself with, I use words to express the inexpressible. Shakespeare

Fundamental to biology is simplicity at one level leads to more complexity at another level' Author unknown

Experiencing scientific consciousness studies' Author unknown

Moving mentally through a synesthetic landscape. some genius said that...

'Contact with eternity is in the present moment mediated by thought it is a matter of attention. David Bohm

Simply put knowledge corresponds to the past it is technology, wisdom is the future it is philosophy and peoples hearts that move the age. Pharaoh Sanders

I tried to contain myself but I escaped. Watt?!?

There is no us or them, only Weeeeee! Christmas Humphries