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These days my healing work focuses through teaching qualitative based self-care, phone work spiritual healing, plus taking people on deep ecology medicinal plant identification hikes, playing music and doing art. Using various examples intuitive touch or meditative body motion both evoke the principals of 'body talk' or unconscious body processes speaking through body presentations used as self / other assessment tools by the therapist and those seeking healing. With self-care chi gong one taps into intuitive proprioceptive self sensing towards ideal body positioning, healthy decompression focuses and shifts in attention for example focusing on effortless deep breathing. Today all my previous experiences with various holistic approaches are incorporated where I work with clients to help them intuit ways of nurturing the self with the intent towards bringing insight and practical result. Standing meditation even for a short period a few minutes invites spinal decompression and better postural alignment architectural 'stacking' of vertebra. When deeply relaxing muscles sense how to 'let go' and through the 'signal breath' for instance facilitate non-directed release. Ahhh.

For information on sessions in South Florida, workshops, help line consultation call 561...429.9183