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A "silk reeling exercise' practicing this kind of movement gently (and maybe more slowly than seen in the video) works to easily mobilize the upper body while standing stationary or moving forward. There are a few really good ways of doing this exercise two of which will be covered here. A further loosely structured practice might employ 45 degree forward stepping / whole body smooth circular joint mobilization.

Main points: The palms continually face one another like one is holding a large or small sized ball, traversing from palm up to palm down at oblique angles.

Engaging the movement; hands, arms and shoulders all move in small circle synchrony, waist turns, torques slightly. The body presentation can be lowered down to a modified cat stance or kept up higher more aloft this adds a therapeutic effect via advantageous decompression`s allowing a looser feel to the spine than more intense pylometric lowered down dig in your heels martial moves. Stepping in a three hands circling per step pattern at 45 % angles with weight placement 35% / 65% into a back stance, then transferring weight more fully onto one leg, the other lightly steps out. .

Emerging from indigenous expressions dance healing chi kung presents a long and illustrious history. Cave paintings from 4500 years ago show people moving in soft flowing motions exactly like people practicing the art today. Reflecting nature the art is said to evoke those qualities in its presentation when properly done. Chi kung borrows from nature as "water type movement" for example aspect-ing the flexible natural element wending its way around objects instead of directly attacking. Early Taoists recognizing the benefits of emulating nature emerged as prescriptive self care. During times of great flooding people were recommended to image themselves "moving with the mind of their oppressor" a directed intention towards soft flowing water like body motions. Thus emerged a prescription for rheumatism from early indigenous medicine working against the stress response gifting the power to turn down inflammatory processes via the precepts of non-contention and release. Strategies like this are now recognized as beneficial self programming functioning at the level of cellular intelligence kinds of adaptation-al self referral where one allows oneself chances to experience emotional and physical flexibility, flowing body movement options instead of rigid models of exercise, those based on the principals of cell vibration only appearing at the surface, extremely adroit body presentations.