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As a practicing healer I sometimes use Cranial sacral technique a gentle hands on approach clinically used to addresses migraine, spinal cord injury, asthma, stress related illness, TMJ, back, neck, arm, leg pain. Similar to Network* and various other subtle self healing modalities Cranial uses the therapists feeling attention to clear stress and rid the patient of chronic pain but like many therapies is only a part of a good health plan that includes proper nutrition and exercise. Showing the power of the in-depth art to help it has been demonstrated that Cranial work in cerebral palsy patients resulted in a 47 % increase in urinary voiding or improved out flow a positive sign showing the power of this art to help. Cranial work is extremely gentle and non-invasive and can be used on persons with recent head injuries depending upon severity). See

Owing this and other amazing claims Cranial sacral is now taught in 50 countries as it has been for over twenty years at the professional level. Nowadays the art is somewhat being co opted by segments of the medical community who wish to share its power to help with patients renamed, neuro cranial technique? From its early beginnings a low tech hands on diagnostic aid a set of methods initially developed by osteopaths in assessing brain and spinal cord injuries outside a clinical environment from there the art appears to have subsequently morphed into a 'transformational therapy' among some groups when people began experiencing health improvements occurring alongside changes in awareness. The oft reported deep relaxation from extremely light touch Cranial work 'functions from inside out' as it works at the menningeal level beneath muscle activation perhaps evoking propriception or internal sensing, useful in eliciting an improved sense of self via changes towards energized self feeling. The art requires subtle palpation 'listening skills' on the part of the therapist via quiet dialoging plus sensing through his or her hands for subjective changes a place where successful results can be achieved.

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