a Chi Kung meditation
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Meditation offers reconnecting with healthy feeling and well being, a way to address health issues or the felt need to always relate to the world in a mechanistic way. The message for the day.. Breath dont seethe!!

The practice of meditation allows one to key in to the body minds unconscious reactions to stress offering another way to be' a kind of enlightened inner response training. Recent research on meditation and prayer shows Christian nuns blood brain flows going preferentially where it needs to go and Zen meditators having magnetically charged blood showing similar activity. (Scientific American Mind December 2007)

Meditation daoyin maybe just sitting quietly noticing how thoughts come up nothing special going on' or energy exercise micro trainings meditative tools that use healing sound and various self directed paths can offer respite and awareness that has the power to bring energy to areas of low concentration or, disperse stuck energy from congested areas. Moving energy across tissues eliciting 'dispersal of accumulation' stuck energy as in bound up feelings that affect physical emotional well being when let go of can elicit pain release even the pain felt to be associated with organ disfunction. Actual physical tools like the biofeedback video game 'Wild Divine' offer other paths using video software plus electrodes attached to fingers that feedback info on ones own inner responses evoking a journey of fun stress management discovery.

As one famous author and meditation master says, "as you become calmer, you become more relaxed, as you become more relaxed, you become less afraid, as you become less afraid, deep breathing and living life becomes easier ! A whole lot of good can come just from this".