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  Transformational Arts Chi-gong ~ Cranial work

See below, the page titled 'Cranio sacral therapy' takes the reader to excerpted material from my new book. Blessings!!!

Above: This is the actual speed no camera tricks! Practicing this form of Silk Reeling the movement gently mobilizes the upper body while standing stationary or moving forward. In a further salubrious body motion the art may employ 45 degree forward stepping and or a more open elliptical body motion resembling 'cloud hands' of tai chi smooth circular mobilization.

Points to remember: The palms continually face one another, traversing from palm up to palm down at oblique angles.Throughout the whole body upper middle and lower dantien, chakric loci of the human bio-electric anatomy get energized.

Emerging from indigenous expressions like dance, healing chi kung these represent a long and illustrious history. Cave paintings from 4500 years ago for example show people moving in soft flowing motions exactly like people practicing the art today. Owing to a rich and expanding record of use Chi kung offers rewarding benefits for those who regularly partake of its nourishing elements. Reflecting nature, the art evokes like qualities in its presentation when properly executed. Chi kung borrows from nature a water type movement" reflecting the flexible natural element wending its way around objects instead of directly confronting. An interfacing of mind,body and universe non linear body motion is consciously nourishing something that didnt escape early Taoists wanting to mimic nature herself. During times of great flooding for example people were advised to; "move with the mind of their oppressor" by directing their attention towards soft flowing water like movements. Thus a 'syncretic expression (nature and man melding) emerged a prescriptive for rheumatism via early indigenous medical thought.

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